V/A: FEEL THE DARKNESS - 40 Jahre JuZI Jubiläumssampler - 2xLP

V/A: FEEL THE DARKNESS - 40 Jahre JuZI Jubiläumssampler - 2xLP
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Wow, what a badass piece!
A total non-profit D.I.Y. - Product!!!

2 LP's, with 32 songs from 30 bands of the last 20 years from the infamous JuZI in Göttingen.
In gatefold cover with fat booklet and CD insert.
For just 20 Euro.

The following is written:

40 years of Juzi!
40 years of noise!
40 years of noise!
40 years of disturbed neighbourhood!
40 years of punk rock from the catacombs of our eyesore.

About 20 years ago, a double LP was released, filled to the brim with music from the colourful bunker of Göttingen's inner city.
Consider these two discs as a continuation of the "Tempel Der Gewalt" sampler released in 2002, because they pick up exactly there in terms of content.
On each of these discs you will find a song by bands who have been up to mischief in the cellar of our temple over the last 20 years, and some of whom are still doing so.
We have tried to be complete and have collected all the bands that had a recording, no matter how good or bad the quality.
A page of the booklet was dedicated to each band and all songs were additionally mastered to create a more or less homogeneous sound image and to spare your eardrums.
The result is now in your filzi filzi' fingers.
We hope you enjoy listening to our musical Juzi documentary.
Turn up the volume and FEEL THE DARKNESS!
- Bands From The Juzi Göttingen -
2002 - 2022


A1: Kackfeuer - Anti-King

A2: Wolfgang - Ghandi 3D

A3: Schmärzen – Lügengedicht

A4: KDJ - Göttingen ArtChor-Version

A5: Under Your Skin – Critizising

A6: Jukebox-Massaker – Totentanz

A7: Red With Anger – Scars

A8: Zum Kotzen - Say Thats Right

A9: Septic Dieter - Standing Strong / Punk Geht Anders

A10: Bunkaangst – Verbraucher


B1: KPK – Bürger

B2: Deutsche Laichen – Deutschland

B3: Stumme Rache – Refugees Of War

B4: Kulturverlust – Arbeitsamt

B5: Antigen – Feindbild

B6: Pink Poison - Drunk in Cologne

B7: Postmortal Erection - Blutige Reste

B8: Haze – Werkzeugkiste


C1: Abrupt - Away

C2: Dishonoured – You

C3: Patzig-Unterhaltungswert

C4: Empty Bottles - Ich war das nicht

C5: Aegal- Sarg aus Beton

C6: Headburst – Conformity

C7: Nyte Light – Mosh The Police


D1: The Blue Screen Of Death - Heads In The Clouds

D2: Totschwarz - Rubber Bullets

D3: Turboköter GTI - We Are Tikes

D4: Pissfaktor - Kanonenfutter

D5: D.Y.E. - Butcher Table / Never Be Free

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