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RANOLA as a band was formed by two thirds from the remains of the BODY SNATCHERS. Micka, Jack and Andreas grew up in the same street and have been close friends since childhood. Micka had been a keyboarder with the BODY SNATCHERS, but had realised that the guitar suited the music he wanted to make better. Jack played drums, but felt more comfortable as a singer. Andreas was a guitarist, but had much more fun with the drums in Jack's room. The first public appearance of the BODY SNATCHERS at school, which Jack and Andreas had attended, drew over 1,000 spectators and gave the appropriate motivation to found the band RANOLA. Shortly afterwards, the three were joined by 'the boy' and 'the saw', who attended the same school as Jack and Andreas. One of the things that made these two stand out was that they spent the big break in the midst of the other pupils, standing forehead to forehead, in silence. Junge had been the front man of EA80 since 1979, Sägee's guitar-percussion technique gave him his name, and both of them wrote and designed hip 'punk fanzines' like 'Jungen + Technik' or 'Das M.O.B.'. The band played in the following line-up from the foundation to the break-up: Jack Kremers - vocals, toy trumpet Micka Mohr - guitar Andreas Hülsen - drums Michael(Säge) - guitar Martin Kircher(Junge) - bass, vocals on 'Blumen


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