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What the hell is that!
Totally wicked Dutch hardcore punk, independent and varied.
I didn't know this band before and they blew me away right away, I really don't have anything to compare them to....
Kotsbrokken was a band from the Netherlands and existed from 1982 to 1984.The band never recorded anything, which is very sad because they had signed a contract for an EP to be released on Red Lux Records, which also released Vopos. This record was developed 3 years searching for flyers and artwork of the band. On the LP you will be revealed the best recordings that Kotsbrokken has to offer.
15 tracks with the best Dutchpunk!

Tracks 1-14 are from the band's only recording from a live soundboard tape. Track 15 is from the "Alle 55 Kort" tape from 1984, all songs were mastered for the most awesome sound possible.
Limited to 500 copies.


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