JALANG - Santau - LP+MP3, Clear And Black Vinyl

JALANG - Santau - LP+MP3, Clear And Black Vinyl
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Jalang (formerly Lái) play fast-paced and danceable D-beat punk, propelling the band’s ferocious vocals into the face of the listener. Vocalist Alda’s lyrics are delivered in Bahasa Indonesia and English, engaging with both her own and collective narratives that explore politics, religion, feminism and queer rights in South East Asia, and the diaspora in so-called Australia. Timmy (Extinct Exist, Pisschrist, Schifosi) on guitar and Tessa (Ubik, Masses) on bass were joined by Kyle (Sheer Mag) on drums in 2021.

"Jalang" in Bahasa Indonesia is one of those ‘odd’ words: when describing the masculine it means wild, feral, undomesticated; while for feminine figures it translates as promiscuous, slutty or evil — something the band aims to reclaim as a mark of feminine pride. Jalang invokes the band members’ diasporic and queer narratives through hardcore punk, mixing ideas and personal experiences that often inter-connect but also continue to conflict with the world around us.

Recorded by Jason Fuller (Goatsound) at Tender Trap Studios in Melbourne, Santau is 11 tracks of incandescent punk energy from this supergroup of Melbourne underground music, tackling real world issues of politics, power and protest. Next-level musical performances, inspirational song writing and the relentless fury of Alda’s vocals combine to produce one of the most intelligent, crucial and viscerally exciting Australian punk releases in years.

JALANG are: Alda (Vocals), Timmy (Guitar & Vocals), Tessa (Bass) & Kyle (Drums)

Recorded & Mixed by Jason Fuller (Goatsound) at Tender Trap Studio
Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door
Artwork by Alda (Deliriousinkarts) & Micah James (Scrawnart)
Band Photos by Nicole Reed

Gatefold-sleeve + Insert - Free Digital Download included.

Originally released July 2021 by Heavy Machinery Records, Australia as part of the Flash Forward Melbourne record series.
JALANG - Santau - LP+MP3, Clear And Black Vinyl

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