BLITZKRIEG - Ohne Zukunft - 2x LP (Multicolorured Vinyl)

BLITZKRIEG - Ohne Zukunft - 2x LP (Multicolorured Vinyl)
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History lesson: Hannover, 1981: Punk in its absolute early phase and in the middle of it Blitzkrieg. Founded in 1979 and disbanded already in 1982. Hardcore pogo-schrammel-punk with straight anti-attitude and the very classical themes of early Deutschpunk.
Blitzkrieg played a few dozen gigs with bands like Slime, ZK, Buttocks and Middle Class Fantasties, recorded a legendary 7" with "Ohne Zukunft" (No Nordstadt Records) and disbanded immediately. Parts of the band later formed the Boskops, but that's another story. "Ohne Zukunft" was released in 1994 as a 35-song compilation CD with everything the band had ever recorded or recorded.

Now for the first time ever on vinyl. "Ohne Zukunft" contains the complete EP, live material from "Korn" Hannover and the rehearsal room as well as the Blitzkrieg contributions to the samplers "Soundtracks zum Untergang 2", "Wir sind alle Schlawiner", "KZ 36" and "Korn live - ab geht er".Blitzkrieg were simple, straightforward, sometimes dull and primitive, but with the very own charm of the early 80s bands.
Destructive, self-destructive, no future, punk, the quality of the songs is rough, rough, noisy, minimalistic and the live songs are hard to get used to for today's hifi ears. An authentic historical document of times long past, comes as a fat double LP in a gatefold cover with lots of historical photos, all lyrics, detailed band history from the 1982 "Korn FS.1" fanzine, additions by guitarist Wixxer and additional inlay. All LPs in multicolored vinyl

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