LIST-IST - Buch+CD - 4 Kilogramm Deutsche Subkultur - 1400 Labels auf knapp 900 Seiten!

LIST-IST - Buch+CD - 4 Kilogramm Deutsche Subkultur - 1400 Labels auf knapp 900 Seiten!
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"LIST IST is a thank you to all labels, without whose work it would not be possible to hear music on vinyl, CD or cassette. In the shadow of the artists, the labels are not perceived enough, hardly anyone sees the work that goes into developing and releasing a record. But it is because of this work that labels are so important and this book is dedicated to label work. Without labels - no music!
This label list book follows my 2009 book SCHEIBENKLAR, the German punk vinyl discography from 1977 to 2009. Yes folks, I already sat down again in 2016 to put together LIST IST. So that we don't forget what the music scene and the labels have done in the last few years, and to motivate us for more works. It took quite a while to complete, but et voilá, here it is.
The book offers more than 90% complete lists of labels that I researched, collected and compiled for you. And despite the 896 pages it is still "handy". That's a good thing, because like a cupboard full of records, a book is a visible place for a collection, maybe for your collection. I hope that this book will be of value to collectors, music lovers and people who simply prefer to browse through books rather than online portals.
This book will also be the predecessor of the cassette discography "47,625 mm/s". I am already working on this one, the publication date is in the immediate future. May all three books expand our musical-lexical horizons and be a spiritual firework for us.
In terms of content, the book covers a span from DIY labels, underground labels to major labels, with all available listings and numbers, from 1978 to the present. It is a tribute to the subcultural music scene in Germany, including here punk, hardcore, oi! and experimental, but also nowave, industrial, darkwave, minimal and grind. As a rule, a label specialises in one or two genres.
LIST IST can be an interactive book. There are still some gaps in the lists, as the numbers are sometimes not yet assigned or are still in production. Even for some label owners, some numbers are no longer traceable and there are of course label owners who have died or disappeared. I have tried to research everything completely, but I cannot pull out trees that are not there. The gaps that remain can perhaps be filled by you. You can fill in the gaps yourself, and feel free to contact me if you find something that could help to complete the list.
There is usually also a label story for each label. Some of the texts were written or revised by the label makers themselves and are therefore "first-hand" - as far as I was able to get in touch and a collaboration came about. All other texts were compiled from Wikipedia, Parocktikum etc.. These own researches can only be as correct as the respective sources - therefore they are without guarantee. With the links and sources I have added to the stories, you can visit, look up or call up the respective sites yourself.

If you support the book, you support the labels, you support the bands."

Free book supplement:

Papierkrieg - Noch Nie Hat Ein Diktator...

01 Nicolai Ch. / Persil (Canalterror)
02 Wir Haben Es In Der Hand
03 Chile
04 Der Schoß Ist Fruchtbar Noch
05 Papst
06 Todesschwadronen (Daily Terror)
07 Krieg Im Kinderzimmer
08 Punk Punk Punk
09 Bitterfeld
10 Alptraum (Slime)
11 Wir
12 Durschnitt
13 Die Multinationalen (Canalterror)
14 Neonazis
15 Beton & Stahl (Elegant)
16 Nachspiel
17 Berlin By Night (Pvc)
18 Hafenstrasse
19 China
20 Gerechtigkeit
21 Afrika I
22 Afrika II

German Language!

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