Payment & Shipping

We deliver with DHL within Germany, the amount of the delivery costs depends on the quantity or weight of the ordered items. You can choose the delivery service yourself during the ordering process.

We deliver outside of Germany also with DHL, the shipping costs depend on the quantity of the ordered articles and partly, depending on the country, individually

From 01.06.22 it will no longer be possible to send individual LPs or smaller parcels of up to 3 LPs at the previous, favourable, prices.
Deutsche Post is discontinuing its product "Warensendung International" completely; this format will then be available from DHL, but the permissible dimensions have been changed so that the format is no longer compatible with an LP.
This affects all customers in the EU and non-EU countries.
For the time being, we will only be able to send your orders via DHL or various other shipping companies, which will cost the same.
This means a drastic increase in postage costs, which we unfortunately already had to increase.
However, we are trying to find a solution so that we can continue to deliver your orders cheaply and reliably in the future.