NACHKRIEGSRATTEN - Hia Hua - LP + Downloadcode + Stuff

NACHKRIEGSRATTEN - Hia Hua - LP + Downloadcode + Stuff
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No one intended to erect a slab!
Well it happened anyway, history keeps repeating itself....

"Are you punk, punk, punk, puke in'n closet, closet, closet"
But the post-war rats don't intend to do that, the post-war rats have set out to drink the beer cupboard dry in order to smash it afterwards, and that's exactly what their music sounds like.
The vomit is not hidden here!
It smells of cheap beer and resentment, of frustration and Brussels sprouts. When you put this record on, the air gets thinner and thinner, Culti, Schlips Vicious, Ratte Machiato and Männermann turn your sunny roof terrace into a damp cellar hole, buzzed by slag they blow up your party and when you drink with fascists in the pub it hails frying pan blows, RANDALE!
It is still unclear exactly when these recordings were made, but that doesn't matter. The snappy rumble sounds like a mixture of PARANOIA, RATTHEADS and L'ATTENTAT, with a touch of CHAOS Z. The German-language political lyrics tell of a life in the rubbish, of too much future and too little beer, it's about shellfish and boots and about dreaming and failing in a useless world.... They don't mince their words and mercilessly settle accounts with everything.

The record comes with A1 poster, computer game and download code.
Culti and Co have fondled all the coloured records with their filzi filzi brown coal fingers and now the record is only available in black vinyl.
Thank the rats!
Hia Hua!

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